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Congratulations on your new Soroity!
New Alex Page - A work in progress!
New Recipe in The Kitchen


Magnuson Family Photo Album
I am adding a few pictures and documents as I run across them.  I will be scanning in an invitation to Adolf and Wilhelmina's Golden Wedding Anniversary celebrated at the Ranch House in 1919.
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New Pics Nixa, Indy, and Evansville

Check out the some new pictures.

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Family Album

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The Kendrick Story

Magnuson Story Update

From the Past Update

Anyone that would like to have a e-mail address, just let me know. 

The Magnuson Ranch House Spring


Watch for updates to our Germany Page - We are going to try and put together some info on our German family.




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Who is the Mystery Relative?

Carl had the first correct answer  for Mystery #1 and #2.


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Mommy and Babies...Great Profiles

Try a Card Trick!

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Hey Bosco!!! Do you like our new Kittens?

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Who is the Mystery Relative?


Mom's Diary Updated!

Find out what happened in June '67

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